Ghost of a Tale - so far, so good

Stealth is not my thing. Ever since 2002 when I couldn't finish No One Lives Forever 2. Still, thus far the wee mousey in Ghost of a Tale is more forgiving than Britain's swinging super-spy and could change my mind.

I'm only an hour in, (an hour at a time's all I can manage with stealth gameplay. It's exhausting.) but I'm enjoying the artwork and appreciating the save mechanic. I'm hoping the story lives up to its potential - so far, the dialog and lore asides have been pretty funny (think juvenile jokes involving multiple meanings of the word "balls").

In any case, I've been looking forward to this one for months and since it's an Indie title, I'm rooting for it.

#GhostofaTale #pcadventuregames #stealthgames #stealthgameplay #adventuregames

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