Good Lord - finally back to Mass Effect

At this rate, it'll take me five years to finish Andromeda. The holiday season has taken its toll (despite not feeling very festive) and I haven't had time to sit and play ME for weeks.

Last night though, I was on a planet called H-047c, a place ravaged by the Scourge.

(Not my screenshot. Forgot to take one so I lifted this from Reddit.)

It was incredible! Thinking about how much work and skill went into this game, it kills me that people were bitching about it not being very good. Makes me mad too, to think comments like that have ended the ME franchise. The environments are so good in this game; the one last night felt so alien and desolate, I really felt like I was exploring a place no human had ever set foot. This franchise has always made me feel like I've stepped through a portal to another dimension, and I at least, give a ton of credit to the people who made it.

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