Attending the SoCal Writer's Conference!

Next weekend I'm headed to the SWC - Southern California Writer's Conference. I'm hoping it will be a good place to talk to other people facing the same struggles and maybe gain some useful information outside my usual solitary writer's bubble. It's so anti-writer - the idea of creeping out of your hermit cave and actually talking to other people.

There are a number of talks that look interesting and informative. I also enjoyed the disclaimer on the registration website that told prospective agents to stay away if they weren't sincere about possibly signing new talent. (Meaning, if they were just milking the conference for a free weekend in a nice hotel, they should eff off.) I definitely know some game journalists who do that, so it's nice to see the SWC is saying no to it in advance.

Anyway, it'll be a new experience. I'm already working on toughening up the ol' skin in case I show my work to someone and they aren't keen on it. You know what they say...whatever doesn't kill you just makes you drink another six pack.

#SWC #SouthernCaliforniaWritersConference

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