Torment: Tides of Numenera - Sooooo good

Just finished playing Torment: Tides of Numenera, and once again, I'm stunned by the morons on the Steam forums dragging a brilliant RPG down with their idiotic and utterly invalid criticisms.

Pillars of Eternity suffered the same thing; bigots trashing it for inclusion of a transgender character. Here, people are bitching that it's too political, I guess because inXile dared to include a complex, well-rounded gay character with feelings and a believably sad past.

A good chunk of dim-witted players are also complaining there's "too much reading" in the game. Well duh. That's correct for this kind of game. If you're looking for a key-mashing, weapon-swapping, trash-talking opportunity to kill things, this isn't the game for you. "Uh yeah, Call of Duty sucks! Where's the dating system?" =P

Anyway, aside from some annoying bugs (some instability and interface bugs as well as one mission that couldn't be completed at all) this is an amazing game. People just don't get the skill and effort it takes to weave a story like this. The writers made exploration so cool and effortless, the experience was less like playing a game and more like feeling your way through an alternate universe.

Best of all, the writers brought to life some of the most creative characters and concepts I've seen in a while and presented some mind-blowing philosophical and moral questions. How often do games do that?

The only thing that bums me out about Tides is that it's over, and now I'm stuck with the profound loneliness that only comes from seeing the end of a great game.

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