Star Trek Timelines - "You're dead Jim."

OK maybe not, but in an alternate reality, he could be. That's the beauty of Timelines. So far, my favorite incarnation of him has been this - where he's going through his skirt and tiara phase.

I'm loving Star Trek Timelines - enough that I actually subscribe to the monthly VIP wallet-siphoning. I play the damn thing daily, really enjoying the Gauntlet and story modes. I do wish Disruptor Beam would sort out the leveling bottlenecks though.

Even with an influx of daily currency, it's a chore leveling characters enough to keep the main campaign going. The last few weeks all I've been doing is replaying the same space battles, trying to get my female Starfleet officers up to where they can meet some basic Challenges. Totally kills the momentum. At least for a while there, the publisher was tossing out big chunks of free energy that let me grind for longer, but with only the default energy allotment, the process could eventually torpedo my enthusiasm. If that happens, nothing'll keep me from canceling my subscription. Not even Kirk in a skirt.


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