Resident Evil 7 Biohazard - Making grown men scream like little girls

My husband and I started playing RE7 together (I handle the tension-filled exploration sequences and he does the vertigo-inducing fights) a few weeks ago. Until then, I had no clue he could scream like an opera singer.

The game is scary, but beyond that, it's one big gross-out. Cockroaches, rotting food, decrepit living spaces. This is not a game people with OCD should play.

The hype is big with this game, and while I do think it effectively manipulates your emotions, it's inconsistent interactivity is driving me crazy.

You get attacked and sometimes you can do something about it. Sometimes you can't. Yes, you play a healthy 20-something man who somehow is unable to defend himself or say, think to use an array of handy makeshift weapons to keep some deranged ghost-zombie from beating the shit out of him.

It's survival horror - I get it. But when gameplay willfully ignores realism, I kinda want to get off the train. It's also annoying that when you DO get ahold of something useful like a gun, the aiming controls are so gol-darn clumsy. If motion sickness doesn't overwhelm me, I suppose we'll play more of it, just to see what happens. it depends on how frustrating the controls get. And if our dogs can withstand their father's high-pitched screams.

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