A dignified, influential older woman in a video game? WTF?

Just started playing Horizon Zero Dawn and was shocked the first two minutes when the intro featured a truly cool-looking older woman (a Shaman by the looks of her).

Video games have evolved some, but let's face it - women when included, still come from the sexy/boobsy variety. Developers still don't think of women as full-fledged characters with more to offer than sexual fantasies.

Our culture loves terms like "cougar" and "MILF," but I'm one fairly well-preserved older (older in our culture meaning "anyone over 30) woman who really hates those words. They smack of women at a certain stage in life who are considered unusual, either because they're doing something people think they shouldn't (dating younger men) or because they manage (against all odds) to still be fuckable. Both indicate that a woman's sexuality is the yard stick by which she should primarily be measured.

So yeah. I was shocked when I saw this character in Horizon Zero Dawn because she represents to me, a surprising recognition that women have (or should have) a more complex role in society than they normally get credit for. Here's hoping this is the start of a new trend.

#HorizonZeroDawn #videogamewomen

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