Wargaming.net takes a sharp left turn to mobile

I've followed Wargaming.net since 2012. I've watched as their games gained popularity, and cheered when they became the focus of some of the biggest e-sports competitions around. Lately though, Wargaming.net really blew my mind by releasing something very different for their studio - a fun little mobile game called Smash Squad.

This free-to-play physics battler plays kind of like a demented version of pool - you start with a handful of kooky heroes, and use them to knock your enemy's heroes around the board.

Each hero has its own unique power, and combining them strategically is key to taking your opponent out. The cartoony art style is such a departure for the realism-centric Wargaming crew, it's hard to believe the same company published this game. Then again, they do know how to grab and hold gamers' attention, so maybe it's not that strange.

Anyhoo, it's out now and you can get it in the iTunes and Google Play stores. It's super fun, and better yet, it's $free.99!


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