E3 2016 - just now recovering

With EA and Activision opting out of E3 this year, people were speculating that the show would be a sad shadow of its past self. Not so. Both exhibit halls seemed just as crowded and hectic as ever, and 2K for one, went bigger and badder when it came to booth setup.

Check out this Mafia III booth.

Yep, E3's still full of it's usual sound and fury, and I still have the introvert's reaction to it - the impulse after three hours, to hide somewhere with a cold beer.

For my money though, the highlights this year were the live video game music by Super Soul Brothers, Kingdom Hearts III, and the God of War demo.

(Full disclosure - my talented husband is a Senior Systems Designer on the new God of War.)

Though things remained as high energy as always (minus the booth babes and guys-only atmosphere of past years) we were still left wondering what will happen next year.

The game business has changed a lot, and speculation is that E3's a dinosaur when it comes to addressing the new video game audience. As someone who's worked the event for for years, I hope some vestige of it survives, even if it's a new, unfamiliar incarnation.

I consider the more diverse audience a step in the right direction. This year had more women, people of color and older people than ever before, and that can't be anything but good. Accept it folks - games are no longer just for chubby white guys.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what happens in 2017, even if I no longer have a job working the show. My love for interactive entertainment persists, no matter how the business or the audience changes, and I hope for some kind of big time event that celebrates it.

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