Dreamfall Chapters: more movie than game

One of the most memorable interactive experiences of my life I owe to PC adventure game, The Longest Journey. If only its modern descendant, Dreamfall Chapters, could live up to that memory.

The problem is, Red Thread games has stumbled into a common point-and-click pitfall - taking away player agency. Books 1-3 weren't as bad about this, but I just finished Book 4 and at the end of it, felt more like I'd watched a movie than played a game. Book 4 is one long cutscene after another interspersed with long dialog sequences, few of which allow you even to choose what to say. The story is interesting, yes, but it wasn't much fun watching the game go along its way almost completely without me.

The upside is the game's gorgeous character models and environments. I really love the worlds and all their denizens, but again - if Red Thread wanted to exclude me from any decision-making, they should have done so by making a film rather than making me think I'd ever get to participate. I suppose I'll still play--er...watch Book 5 when it comes out, just to see what happens. But really, all Dreamfall Chapters has done is make me want to replay The Longest Journey as soon as possible.

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