Baldur's Gate can't keep out the assholes

I was playing Baldur's Gate (Enhanced Edition): Siege of Dragonspear and ran into a character who mentioned she'd once been a "he." I noticed it, it wasn't a big deal. I guess my reaction was unusual, since this minor encounter made the Internet lose its shit.

Steam forums quickly devolved into sophomoric rants about how the development team shouldn't use games to advance their political agenda, how people weren't going to buy a game with such "sick" content, etc. There's been a ton written about it since I first noticed it a week or two ago so I don't have much to add except my disgust and disappointment. I can't believe there are still so many people out there threatened by something as innocuous as gender and so lacking in humanity as to make it an excuse for verbal (and physical) violence.

#BaldursGateEnhancedEdition #SiegeofDragonspear

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