Quick, play Wildstar before it goes under!

This week, NC Soft announced it was laying off 40% of its Wildstar workforce - news that wasn't a surprise to anyone following the troubled MMO. The company's misguided pay-to-play model started it off on bad footing and things went downhill from there. That's got me frantically playing through the game, just in case a few months from now, it goes entirely tits up.

This weekend I was really enjoying myself and lamenting the game's many presentation problems: the things that keep from really sinking my teeth into it. For one, the crafting system. It's just so obscure. I've tried multiple times to craft and it's just so clunky and cumbersome. WIth only an hour or two at a time to play games for fun (work reviews take up most of my time) it sucks to spend that time feeling like I'm learning how to use Power Point. I inevitably give up on crafting and go back to adventuring, because that's where the fun is.

Tonight I was really getting into the random things that happen, as well as the payoffs. I got to toss plushies off a blimp, follow a holographic baby octopus, and confront my own shadow clone, not to mention seeing a very cool cinematic finish to one of my quest chains. These things were of course, hobbled by Wildstar's UI problems and too-frequent bugs, but still, I for one will mourn when Wildstar's unique style and humor disappear forever.

Anyway, enough! Before that happens, Leftenant Zizz has alien fauna to zap and flora to scan.

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