Oh yeah, THAT'S what's wrong with Wildstar

Last year I started playing Wildstar but stopped because of the hundred or so other games I had to play for business and pleasure. This weekend I took it up again in its new free-to-play incarnation and was reminded why it frustrated me way back when.

The game is just too damn chaotic. Subscribing to the "too much is never enough" philosophy, it assaults you with UI elements and text and effects and onscreen video calls. Beyond that, it does a really bad job of explaining how the hell its many different systems work (crafting, socketing, paths, etc.) and its UI isn't remotely intuitive. It's a real shame because the game has a great sense of humor and the best visual style I've seen in a long while. For example - check out how cool I and my best Chua bud look taking an aerial tour of Farside:

#Wildstar #MMOs

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