February's Obsession

OK, so my main game obsession for the months of December and January was Fallout 4, where I roamed the Commonwealth, playing all the factions against one another until a quest-killing bug forced me to choose. :( Ah well, at least I looked cool.

After that, Pillars of Eternity had me in its clutches. I only just finished the main quest and the first expansion, The White March Part 1, a week ago so now I'm anxiously awaiting the release of Torment: Tides of Numenera.

In the meantime, I find myself getting sucked in (despite the inclusion of a 3D Hayden Panettiere) to playing horror/psycho-thriller, Until Dawn.

It's weird story/therapy session alternation makes me wonder if someone on the dev team played TLC in days of yore. That one featured a similar setup, where a scary domestic mystery was being played out in the main part, and in between, a psychiatrist (played by actor John Hurt) would psychoanalyze the player, asking questions about how they felt about events.

Something to think about.

Anyway, Until Dawn should keep me busy for another month until Torment comes out. Now if only I didn't feel so naked without my Pip Boy...

#Fallout4 #bowlerhatsarecool

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